May 8, 2015

Wax on Wednesdays! Wax, Whimsy , and Wonderful Color Journal

I had a couple of other "more serious" projects  planned for Wax on Wednesdays! to share with 
you , but whenever life gets too busy, or a little overwhelmed , I revert to drawing my 
young little  characters . They make me slow down, think of simple happy things, and just make me smile .
 These are the only tools I use for them .
watercolor paper
graphite pencil
red watercolor paint
water soluble graphite 
and whatever thin object I grab for scratching in their little hair-dos :)
I decided I would do a little whimsical color journal for my
Mother In Law for Mother's Day. 

The great thing about this project is if you just like little whimsy characters you can
do them , or 
If you just like abstract painting without the whimsy you
can do just that without the characters! 

Of course you can do the whole thing on a black and white scale and 
just use graphite , and black and white india inks for a lot of fun as well.

My head was obviously swimming with little waxy journal ideas after this !

This week the sun was shining , and I felt like a lot of wonderful color .

A little warning ,
 This journal smells awesome ! 
The fist thing Reagan did before she went through the pages was  said that it smelled 
"SO good "
( from the beeswax :)

Here is a list of the supplies I used in this journal:
graphite pencil
water soluble graphite
water color paints
india inks
graphite crayon
alcohol inks (ranger)
water color paper
book binding thread
regular heavy duty thread and needle (to stitch characters on)
E6000 spray adhesive
some antique linen I used for binding tape
archival bookbinding type glue (for binding tape)

 I began to stitch these on with a little craft machine but warning, the wax will gook up 
on machine base so don't use a regular nice sewing machine after you have waxed. 
I hand stitched quite a bit of them on as well just for different textures . 
If I did a do-over I may have stitched them on first and waxed after :). 

Sometimes when you receive the post via email , the video does not show up. 
You can view directly on
directly on the Youtube channel by clicking 

ALMOST time for the drawing for the free spot in an Encausticology ! 
and the  little encaustic kit!

You can still sign up for the Giveaway on this post :
 You can also still sign up to join me for the workshop !
(if you win the giveaway I will send you a refund , or you can give to a friend )

You can go to the "online workshop page " at the top of the blog to see all of the details and register , or purchase in my Etsy shop .
The fun startsMay 29th!

Have a wonderful weekend,
Blessings to you,

May 6, 2015

Wax on Wednesdays! Returns

A little teaser,   "Let's spice things

up with color! "

I am back home for a just a bit here , and so glad to be back in routine! I had planned on returning to the "Wax on Wednesdays" series right off, but my "studio assistant" came down with a very  odd illness almost as soon as I arrived home .

They believe he has Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia . This means that his own body is attacking his blood platelets. It also means that you can't let him bump into anything or he will bruise and possibly bleed internally which he was some last week. He is on lots of medicine right now , and has improved his perkiness considerably , we are now working on getting some weight gain back as well.

So, Wax on Wednesdays will be up by Friday morning here.

In the meantime, I would love to show you the works produced at last Sunday workshop at Artiscape  .

This workshop was based on my article for  the Fall 2014 issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine if you would like to give it a try, its addicting, and lot's of fun : )

We had an amazingly fun and creative group of ladies on Sunday!
Look at all of the crazy wonderful, and  beautiful things solder can do !!!

Don't forget just a few more days until the drawings for the giveaway for a slot in new Encausticology workshop! You can sign up by leaving a comment on the post 

See you on Friday, for Wax on Wednesdays!  :)

Blessings to you ,