Apr 27, 2013

Just a Couple More Days Until Fly !

 Just up on Etsy, 
a brand new pattern for the etched bullet case findings 
"Tribal sun"

We ladies made a huge mess of fun on Saturday in the 
"Metal Work Madonna " workshop. 
Each piece different and unique.
Wow, such beautiful 
work ladies!!!


 Reagan was snapping away photos for me again in this workshop, while we ladies 
were busy busy at our metal work.
She didn't get everyone's piece photographed, but they were all
Little ms. Instagram herself just before we left for Artiscape Thursday. 

You can still sign up for a chance to win all 4 giveaways 
in my fun "historical " guessing
game on Thursday's Post! 
Just a couple more days until the "Fly " online workshop begins!
See my online classes page for info 

Blessings to you, 

Apr 26, 2013

Just a peek into my little neck of the woods.
 My little room is the smallest room in the house now, but with the most sunshine :)
 The really smelly , messy, big stuff , I still do down stairs in the basement.
 Oh no, it would have to be way smellier than these . This is the fun stuff!
Reagan and I watched the "dead files" a few weeks ago on an episode about
dolls. I won't even go there. 
There are no lost souls in my dolls LOL! These guys were either buried in Germany and never owned, 
Loved and cared for by sweet little girls who treasured them , or handmade by me :)
That show scares the ba geebies out of us , we can't watch it anymore!
Official shop assistants. 
Always on the ball (mostly just under my feet).

and here is a video of  my new online workshop "FLY" Handmade Assemblage Journal.

 If you are viewing it from your phone I am not sure if it  will show up,
 as it is a YouTube video.
I will post the link to it below for you  just in case.


Don't forget to enter for the 4 giveaways on yesterday's post :))))
Tomorrow pics from Saturday's workshop!

Apr 25, 2013

Artiscape Workshops, and a Huge Giveaway!

 I am back from Artiscape!

 Back from Artiscape and just a few days left until "Fly " online
workshop begins! Whew! Where to begin...
 We were all busy little bees in Friday's 
"A Mother's Love Workshop"

Dawn and I 

Little ms. Reagan took photos for me and was my 
very helpful assistant  during the workshops, and
all weekend. 

 She knew we were all hard at work, and didn't want to
interrupt  so 
she snapped away .
I wasn't aware at all when she was taking photos , so I 
didn't know what she had taken until Sunday. She did a pretty
good job of photographing all of these beautiful ladies hard at work!

This is one of the wonderful pieces created. So pretty! It is either  Mary's or Rita's?
(that's what happens when you are not the photographer :)

 Cecile and I.
Notice me desperately trying to hide my patina stained fingers!

Dusty deep in creative thought

soldering away!

Ms. Elizabeth hard at work!
I will be posting Pics of Saturday's workshop on Saturday, as there are quite a few, and blogger is not cooperating with photos from Reagan's phone today. Does anyone else have
 this problem when they are formatted by the phone? 

Onto the Giveaway.....

I got these tin types  from Barbara at the Friday vendor night at
Artiscape. She had a lot in the beginning , and I wish would have
 swooped in and snapped more of them up. But, I was feeling tired by then  ,and not
on my shopping game, obviously, and someone snuck in and snatched most of them up
like a snyper!
 I am quite fond of these dapper gentleman!
Here is the goods on the giveaway.

It is a History guessing game!
When was the
the very first permanent photographic image/etching  achieved?
(I am going to give a 10 year leeway as all of our googly aps may differ on exact date)
"View from the Window at Le Gras"(was what the photo was called)
A winner will be drawn from the correct guesses , and receive,

One space in the FLY Online Workshop!
if you have already registered to have fun with us in "Fly",
you can win a space for a friend!

But wait there's more! 
(yes , Ginsu knife commercial . Cheesy I know, and I just dated myself:)
 a second giveaway
Question :Who was the creator of this same famous first photograph?
Hint: He eventually worked with Louis Deguerre .

Drawing from this correct guess will
 win a $25.00 gift 
certificate towards anything  in my Etsy shop! 


Third giveaway: Is this necklace from 1930s vintage Primer.

back side of necklace has original text from primer.
For this giveaway drawing, just leave a comment on this post!
and Finally,
This fourth one for just being your beautiful selves;
a pretty bag of vintage  goodies to play with!
Just leave a comment for this 4th and final drawing.

The winners of all 4 giveaways will all be drawn on April 30 ,
(announced at 8pm eastern time)
the day " Fly" online Assemblage Journal workshop begins!

Blessings to you,