Dec 14, 2010

Week 4 Giveaway Announcement and Me Just Being Punchy in the Wee Hours

Oh yes, we did have a snow day. Well at least for some of you it is still Monday night :)
For this 4th week in the series of giveaways we are going to play another game!

No , no , no . Now I know that you could just enlarge the photo, and count the exact number of little vintage doll arms and legs. And, what fun is that?
if you took all of these arms and legs,
and put them end to end, in a
How long, in inches, would they all be together?
This is going hoot for Reagan to measure out. (hee hee)
It's going to take her all day Saturday ! (I may really r
egret this when there is a long train of doll appendages strung from one end of the house to the other).

Ok, so I promise that she will have it ready at the stroke of midnight Saturday when we see who the winner of this one is!!
And what is the giveaway?

Well, first off, we have a 4 pack of my "Joy and Love Angel" ,5x7" greeting cards reproduced from my original painting,with envelopes. And , a lovely matching muslin bag that has been trimmed out with vintage goodness.

There was still room in the bag though , so I included these 5 prim cream sugared bottle brush trees!

Oops , how did he sneak in there? I guess he wants to be in the giveaway too =)

The special drawing from blog followers for the Vintage Candy Container Doll in previous post, will be Saturday at midnight as well. So , we will have 2 winners this weekend! There is still plenty of time to sign up for both =)

Dec 12, 2010

Third Week Winner, and Other Goodies

Nancy Said,

I must put my doll to bed.
Close your eyes and go to sleep.

Nancy is another addition to the "Canvas Doll" series.
She is on one of my favorite 6x12" size canvas.
(I have a complete thing for this size canvas , I don't know why)

She was one of the offerings for my page on PFATT Marketplace for the month of December

Just wanted to share her here , before she is off to her new loving home.

The legs are all counted and.......

There are 78 legs!

vintage snowflake ornament offered on PFATT Marketplace (SOLD)

That makes the winner of this weeks giveaway Gail Thayer of Little Beach Designs with a guess of 82
Congratulations , and WOW ! R
eally close guess Gail !!! YAY!
I didn't even think there were that many.
But, I sure am glad there are :).

Joy and Love Angel print available on my Etsy later tonight

I will have the posting for this weeks new giveaway tomorrow night. (Bare with me, I think it will be a snow day, which means I will have a house full! :)